is a site for sports and fitness clubs, coaches and athletes. Founded in 2016 it is designed for rowers.

Clubs have a private area that is an online hub for members to communicate and keep up to date on events such as training, competitions and socials. Within a club there are groups that can be teams, squads or committees. Each group has their own calendar and a wall for communication.

Coaches benefit by having everything in once place and the reports assist with planning and analysis. The availability report helps to plan for upcoming training sessions and races. The fitness results charts compare athletes and show progress.

The mobile version is particularly useful for Athletes making it easy to update availability and view the training plan. Before an Indoor Rowing workout previous results are readily available and immediately after the charts show improvement.

As womens captain at HSBC Rowing Club it made sense to use my development skills so that I could spend less time on admin and more time rowing. With 20 years working in IT on a range of products from websites to risk calculation apps for Goldman Sachs I had the right experience.

The first version was used solely by HSBC Rowing Club and was "way ahead of its time" according to one user. With technology rapidly moving forward and users coming up with new suggestions the latest version is a whole lot better. I am excited to see what else we can do.

Judith has 13 years experience as a software engineer working in various teams at Goldman Sachs.

Joseph is a keen runner and works out at the gym. He has expertise in web technologies and user experience.